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These were modified by the Finns to Spike-LR. The Finnish Navy operates also Spike-ER under the designation RO 06 (18 launch units). PSTOHJ 83 MA PSTOHJ 83 MB United States: Anti-tank missile: 535: BGM-71E (TOW 2A) and BGM-71F (TOW 2B) variants. 112 RSKES APILAS France: Anti-tank weapon: Portable one-shot 112 mm recoilless anti-tank weapon From June 1941 onward, when Finland fought alongside Germany, Finnish naval forces contributed one large coastal defense vessel and around 30 gun-boats, minesweepers and motor torpedo-boats to the Axis naval force in the Baltic. There were also an additional 432 vessels comprising the Finnish Mercantile Marine Fortification Weapons. Weapons Finnish Army almost had in World War 2: Part 1: Rifles and Machineguns (UPDATED) Part 2: Pistols and Submachine guns (UPDATED) Part 3: Other Infantry Weapons. Part 4: Artillery Weapons of All Kind (UPDATED) UNIFORMS: Uniforms of Finnish Armed Forces and Civil Guard . FORMATIONS (Tables of Organisation and Equipment)

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The Finnish State Aircraft Factory at Tampere went into license-production with the Dutch Fokker C.X two-seat bomber and reconnaissance plane in 1938. These aircraft were used until the end of WW2. The Finnish Air Force was not an independent arm but formed part of the Army under its own commander The Lahti L-35 is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Aimo Lahti that was produced between 1935 and 1952. Designed to be manufactured autonomously in Finland, the pistol was used by Finland throughout the Winter War and Continuation War. Considered to be of high quality, the Lahti was well manufactured and worked reliably in cold conditions or when fouled. The use of a bolt accelerator, an uncommon feature in a pistol, helped make the Lahti reliable. A Swedish copy of the L-35. The another gun, 152-mm Canet coastal gun, was the largest calibre Finnish gun known to have succeeded intentionally downed enemy aircraft during World War 2. And this was no accident - it was also the largest calibre gun used by Finnish military for anti-aircraft use. 152-mm L/45 Canet coastal gun was originally introduced to Russian use year 1895

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This is a list of weapons used by the Finnish Army, for past equipment, see here. 1 Armour 1.1 Trucks 2 Air-defence 2.1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery 2.2 Surface-to-Air Missiles 3 Artillery 3.1 Forward Observer 3.2 MLRS 3.3 Self Propelled 3.4 Field Howitzers 3.5 Field Guns 4 Mortars 4.1 Self Propelled Mortars 4.1.1 Towed heavy mortars (total: ca. 900) 4.1.2 Light mortars (total: ca. 1,400) 5 Anti. Before the Winter War, the standard light machine gun adopted by the Finnish military was the Lahti-Saloranta LS-26. This was a complex and finely built weapon, using a short recoil action and tilting bolt, chambered for the same 7.62x54mm rimmed cartridge as used by Finland's Mosin-Nagant infantry rifles Lewis machine gun; Maxim M1910; Finnish Maxim M32-33; Browning M1918; Browning M1919; Vickers machine gun; Chauchat M1915 (Mainly used in the anti-aircraft role) Madsen machine gun (Used by Norwegian and Danish volunteers) Lahti-Saloranta M26; ZB vz. 26; MG 08; MG 34 (Limited use) Kg M40 light machine gun (Used by Swedish volunteers) Degtyaryov DP-28 (Captured) Goryunov SG-4 After these had been manufactured, the fitting of these new parts to the rifles already in use begun. The work had hardly started when the Winter War broke out. In World War II the m/27 infantry rifle was one of the basic weapons of the Finnish front-line troops

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  1. A Finnish reader named Ossi sent us a photo and some information on a rather outlandish Finnish weapon developed at the tail end of the Continuation War with the USSR. It was a standard m/31 Suomi submachine gun, but with the addition of an underbarrel flamethrower(!)
  2. WW1 - WW2 Finnish Army / German army, gauze, unopened pack. 24,90 Browning Airplane machine gun 7,7mm Finnish Air force 1940 . 89,95.
  3. Finnish Air Force: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2 fighter at Helsinki Malmi airport in June 1943. The Finnish Air Force (FAF or FiAF) is one of the branches of the Finnish Defence Forces. Its peacetime tasks are airspace surveillance, identification flights, and production of readiness formations for wartime conditions. As a separate branch of the military
  4. VPHR, chemical weapon reconnaissance kit, Soviet 1970-80´s . 29,95 WW2 Finnish Army ammunition pouch, original. 59,95.
  5. The Soviets used flamethrower tanks to scorch the Finnish trenches while the Finnish army fought back fiercely. It's been said that two machine gunners fired 40,000 rounds between them

Covering warfare in the times before 1950 Finnish tanker is photographed standing next to a captured Soviet T-28 tank. This machine is one of the two captured by Finnish troops in December 1939, from the 20th Heavy Tank Brigade Kirov. #worldwar2 #tank Lauri Allan Törni (28 May 1919 - 18 October 1965), later known as Larry Alan Thorne, was a Finnish soldier who fought under three flags: as a Finnish Army Second Lieutenant of the Fourth Independent Jäger Infantry Battalion against the Soviets in the Winter War and the Soviet-Finnish sub-theater of World War II known as the Continuation War; as a German Army Captain (under the alias Larry Lane) of the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS when he fought the Soviets on. WW2 Finnish Tanks Finnish Tanks in 1939. Finnish Koiras (14 in service). This was the gun-armed version. The MG armed was named Naaras. Machine-gun armed version of the Renault FT in Finnish service, the Naaras (18 in service). Most were dug in as pillboxes in the defensive lines, negating the mobility and armor issues compared to Russian.

Jan 20, 2020 - Explore Parker Berg's board Finnish WW2 on Pinterest. See more ideas about finnish, ww2, world war two *****FINAL VOTE RESULTS [M39 23%] vs [Kar98k+Zf41 77%] Total 7.5k votes *****Video starts at 6:41Huge thanks to Ian and Karl for contributing to our discussi.. Unique Ww2 Finnish stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available

161 Likes, 14 Comments - WW2 Finnish Reenacting (@realsteelreenacting) on Instagram: Finnish soldiers with Panzerfaust 30 (Panssarinyrkki in Finnish) disposable anti-tank weapons Weapons and Equipment of the Finnish Defence Forces during WW II. Fire Rations 1939 - 1944; Infantry Weapons; Anti-Tank Weapons; Field Artillery Weapons in the Winter War 1939 - 1940; Field Artillery Weapons in the Continuation and Lapland War 1941 - 1945; Fortress Artillery Weapons 1941. WW2 Era Finnish Cockade $ 16.00. Finnish Rifle Badge $ 75.00. Finnish Sports Badge $ 45.00. Finnish Skiing Badge-Gold $ 85.00. Finnish Pistol Marksmanship Badge $ 55.00. Finnish Rifle Badge-Bronze $ 45.00. Finnish Skiing Badge-Bronze $ 45.00. Finnish Lotta Mini Enamel Badge $ 25.00. Finnish Lotta Enamel Badge $ 65.00. Finnish Badge $ 200.00

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Finnish Mosin Nagant Overview (M91/24, M27, M28, M28/30, M39) January 22, 2017 Ian McCollum Bolt Action Rifles 24 Finland found itself with nearly 200,000 Mosin Nagant rifles in its possession after breaking away from Russian rule in 1917, and those rifles would for the basis of Finnish infantry arms until the adopted of a semiautomatic rifle many decades later [Photo] Finnish troops gathering captured Soviet weapons, Taipale, Finland, circa 27-28 Dec 193

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  1. WW2 weapons and equipment and all kinds of other military surplus and outdoors apparel and kit. Worldwide shipping. Finnish Austro-Hungarian M17 Steel Helmet, Surplus, Grade 2 157.99 USD 283.99 USD . Temporarily out of stock. US model two-piece mess tin, steel 20.99 US
  2. HaT WW2 British Infantry 1940 Pegasus WWII Russian Support Weapons Teams in Greatcoats . Mars Finnish Army (Winter Dress) 1942-1944 . Pobeda Finnish Army . Strelets Finnish Army 1939-42 . Strelets.
  3. Finnish civilians dive to the ground as the sirens warn the arrival of Russian planes Soviet propaganda poster. That is what the Russians thought of the Finnish. The United States employed a 'Special Weapons Unit' during WW2 that was entirely made up of foreign weapons
  4. Kunnes helvetti jäätyy - (Until Hell Freezes Over): The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940 - (Winter War Alternative History) If the Russians attack, sir, we'll fight them until hell freezes over, and then, sir, we will fight them on the ice. Unknown Finnish soldier to Marshal Mannerheim, October 1939
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Bluered - I'm probably guilty of the Steyr M 12/16 inclusion. Let me amplify; anyone into pistolerics knows what a Steyr M 12 is. I believe that to assist Austrian naval aviators in about 1915, Steyr produced a 'long-butt' 16-round version of the pistol AND some selective-fire specimens.As the Steyr M12 had a single-row magazine this became quite a handful and added to a detachable buttstock. Varusteleka is an army surplus store that offers military surplus, outdoor gear and tactical gear. Fast worldwide shipping Photos WW2 Finnish army. its armed forces were well-equipped for defensive purposes during WW2 and its armaments industry produced a range of weapons which were successfully exported to and used by the warring nations. Here,. Photos WW2 Finnish army. His mission was to procure weapons and equipment to the Finnish Defence Forces. France awarded him the Légion d'honneur (1939), rank Officier. Finns tried to purchase 300 French Canon de 25 mm semi-automatique m/37 with 300000 shells but managed to get only 50

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Top 10 Finnish weapons during WW2 Finland in WW2 and its relations with Nazi-Germany, is one of the most important and interesting pieces of the Finnish history. The WW2 still lives in the Finnish souls through the war veteran activities and ever-open Karelian question by the people who, like the writer, lost their homes in the treaties in 1940 and 1944 with the Soviet Union Epic Militaria specialise in WW2 German, British and American Militaria, including WWII Uniforms, Equipment, Boots, Helmets, Caps, Badges and Insignia, including Military, Army Surplus and Outdoor products. Epic Militaria is UK based, but we ship to the USA, Europe and Worldwide. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours Foreign Rifles of the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939 Scenario Brief [Arctic Patrol] Finnish M39 vs. German Kar98k + Zf.41 (Pick One Ep.2) A Quick and Dirty Guide: Finnish Mosin-Nagant Rifles Browse Creators?Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant to 1,100yds: Practical Accuracy (Milsurp) Kar98k + Zf41 DMR to 500 yds: Practical Accuracy with the real PUBG sniper (Feat Original Item: In another military antiques coup, IMA acquired the last of all the known WWII German helmet stocks from the government of Finland. A wonderful article was written about this find in the Magazine Military Trader which you can read at this link. These helmets are 100% genuine German manufactured WWII type M40 steel combat helmets that were produced by German WWII helmet.

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As you know the Finns were fighting the Germans in 1944-1945 WW2 and winter war (1939-1940) and continuation war (1941-1944). EDGED WEAPONS ; Knives made by Finnish trench fighters during WW2 Knives made by Finnish trench fighters during WW2. By Warpig, Wednesday at 01:20 PM in EDGED WEAPONS Jun 7, 2019 - Explore James Newsom's board Finnish WW2 Equipment and Uniforms on Pinterest. See more ideas about finnish, ww2, wwii

Original Finnish M34 Leather Jackboots. Our leather Jackboots are made of high grade, black pebbled leather and a higher than normal shaft. Although manufactured post war, these boots are identical in pattern to the ones worn by Finnish forces in World War Two, with a groove on the back of the heel for ski binds Oct 19, 2016 - Explore Owen Latini's board Finnish vehicles WW2 on Pinterest. See more ideas about ww2 tanks, finnish, finnish tank Finland WW1 WW2 Military Medals Orders Decorations Cross Merit Lion Liberty Liberation Finnish Awards WWI WWII 1914 1918 1939 1945 Winter War Continuation Peacekeeping Peace Keeping Operations United Nations UN Red Army Soviet Union USSR Helsinki WWII CCCP Stalin East Front General Mannerheim Line Nazi Germany Karelia Military Medals Orders Badges Decorations Insignia Army Navy Air Force Pilot.

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The Finnish blue swastika was originally the symbol of luck of the family of Count von Rosen, who donated to the Finnish White Army it's first plane, in 1918, during the War of Independence. It was adopted as the official national marking of the Finnish Air Forces and later on, the Army Ww2 Aircraft Military Aircraft Finnish Air Force Old Warrior Military Flights Ww2 Pictures Luftwaffe World War Two Wwii De finska flygstridskrafterna var underlägsna det sovjetiska flyget men kompenserade detta med en hög taktisk förmåga, ett strategiskt beslut att spara på män och maskiner samt en utomordentligt och väl uppövad skjutskicklighet i luften Sep 10, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by James Newsom. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Quality products, superior knowledge and expertise. We offer many different museum quality uniforms and historic items which are as near to the originals as possible, as well as lots of re- enactment gear that is made to perform, not just look great Finnish soldiers also made use of captured Soviet pistols such as the M95 Nagant Revolver and the TT33. The Spanish made Ruby pistol also saw issue in Finland, as did the Mauser M1896 pistol. Many Finnish officers owned their own personal pistols as well, and these various handguns.

Ww2 Weapons Three Days Enemies Finland Wwii Battle Soldiers World War Ii Finnish corporal Toivo Potka of the Jaeger Battalion 2 fought for three days during the battle of Tuulos (August 1941). He shot 24 enemies (only confirmed ones counted) with a captured SVT-40 By 1943 the Finnish Army finally decided to do something about their lack of sniper rifles. A new design was created that utilized VKT m/39 Mosin-Nagant rifles and scopes from damaged captured M/91-30 sniper rifles. These were installed by weapons repair personnel to new Finnish M/39 rifles around 1943 - 1944

I don't get why some people think finnish were nazis during WW2, we jsut wanted our lost territories back and with Germany's help we had a chance to do it. There was much communists in Finland too in start of the 20th century but some of them didn't like USSR very much because of Stalin who killed many finnish communists that had gone to USSR to build communist state Infantry Weapons; British Infantry Weapons. In 1940 the standard infantry weapons found in a British company would be the Enfield revolvers, Lee-Enfield rifles, Bren guns and 2in mortars. Sub machine guns like the Sten would not be issued until mid-1941. Heavier support weapons like the Vickers machine guns and 3in mortars were kept at. One of the conditions of this agreement was the expulsion, or disarming, of any German troops in Finnish territory, which led to the Lapland War between the former co-belligerents. CUSTOM PRINTED TORSOS AT UNITED BRICKS. United Bricks is proud to announce this custom printed WW2 double sided torso How many tanks did Finland have in ww2? The Red Army started the campaign with over 2,500 tanks of various types. Finland, for comparison, only had 32 obsolete Renault FT's, 26 Vickers 6 ton tanks (all without any weapons) and two training tanks, a Vickers-Carden-Loyd Model 1933, and a Vickers-Carden-Loyd Mk VI*

Ww2 Pictures Ww2 Photos Historical Pictures Luftwaffe Eastern Front Ww2 Ww2 Weapons Red Army Korean War Vietnam War finnish ww2 - Google Search Military Working Dogs Military Dogs History Of Finland Battle Of Moscow Osprey Publishing Night Shadow Pearl Harbor Attack War Dogs Army Soldie Check out amazing ww2 artwork on DeviantArt. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. ww2 Winter and Continuation war finnish weapons. WW2 Italian Army Weapons and Equipment. AndreaSilva60. 167 Comments. 715 Favourites. WW2 - French Army weapons and equipments. AndreaSilva60. 134 Comments. 505 Favourites Ravenfield / Weapons. [WW2 Collection] M28-30 Finnish Mosin version 02.08.19 for Ravenfield (Build 16) An upgrade on the M28,the M28-30 was developed to improved upon it's design.The main changes were the sights,being more accurate,and a new barrel of higher quality.There was also an update in the magazine to make it jam. WW2 photos - /k/ - Weapons is 4chan's imageboard for discussing all types of weaponry, from military tanks to guns and knives Covers all aspects of warfare, but for WW2 resources by country, this is quite comprehensive. Search the table of contents. WW2 Weapons: Cataloguing the weapons of the world's largest conflict: one weapon at a time. Extensive catalog of all weapons, by country, then by weapon type. Acepilots.com

Weapons of the Red Army: Soviet Small Arms of World War II By Peter Suciu. When the Soviet Union faced invasion from Nazi Germany in 1941 its army was still utilizing the same basic bolt action rifle that had been carried a generation earlier during the First World War and the subsequent Russian Revolution and Civil War Weapons: Decorations: Military Operations: Generals: Memoirs, journals: Media Gallery: World War 1: Archival Stuff: Forum: Latest News: 10 April 2021 We have updated the article on the 75mm Puteaux field gun model 1897/36 Ww2 Weapons Military Weapons Military Art Military History Red Army Army & Navy Anti Tank Rifle Germany Ww2 Military Modelling Polyforce WW2 is the Online First-Person Shooter game that describes the World War 2. In Polyforce WW2, you can choose the Axis and Allied side, and you can see and experience how destructive the war, There have been hundreds of wars in the world because of the land fight and will continue to be Feb 12, 2017 - Russian, Soviet WW2 wORLD wAR 2 tANKS, pHOTOS,pRINTS,dRAWINGS,mODEL

Lend lease weapons Brewster fighter aircraft Finland did not capitulate Finnish War Debt to Soviet Union, the Third Aggressor of WWII; Continuation War 1941 Finland releases over one hundred thousand war pictures. Enjoy. WWII Finnish Army in color Read online book: Heroic Finlan WW2 Finnish Suomi SMG Eu/Uk Spec Detailed Description To Follow . Skip to content. Call Us Today! 01630 620 157 | info@mjlmilitaria.com. WW2 FINNISH NAZI KNIFE. Edged Weapons, Knives and Daggers, New Items. Stock No. 106572. Product Information. Out of Stock. A CLASSIC FINISH TRADITIONAL FISHING / HUNTING KNIFE CARRIED BY A FINNISH SOLDIER, PROBABLY FOR SERVICE ON THE EASTERN FRONT WW2 Finnish Suomi KP31 With Drum Magazine - LAYAWAY Home / EU Deactivated Weapons / EU Deactivated Machine Guns / WW2 Finnish Suomi KP31 With Drum Magazine - LAYAWAY £ 895.0 The Finnish Weapons Series Konepistooli m/31 Suomi Early version Konepistooli m/31 Suomi with the 50-round box magazine. Picture provided by J. Haartikka. This is my fifth version of the Suomi SMG. If anyone has additions or comments, please let me know. Bibliography:-:Pistole-mitrailleuse Suomi - Brevet annouce

A Finnish electric training device for rifles made during WW2 to train indoors/without ammunition. More details in comments. Close. 89. Posted by 1 day ago. An interesting way to train when you're short on ammunition EDGED WEAPONS REFERENCE. THE WW2 KA-BAR. M3 TRENCH KNIFE & SCABBARDS. Includes pictures and information regarding US edged weapons. 733. posts. US Navy Pilot's Survival knife. By Kevin11b, Yesterday at 04:07 PM. 6,858 topics in this forum WW2 SOVIET INFANTRY WITH M43 GYMNASTYORKA (MOSIN) Made by United Bricks.Minifigure - LEGOGun - Brickarms.. $16.00. Add to Cart. Showing 1 to 7 of 7 (1 Pages willyp | Home > Weapons of the world photo Albums > Finnish WW2 era handguns (9mm&7.65) A Finnish Finnish WW2 era handguns (9mm&7.65) A Finnish Browning GP35 Hi-Power set & a Finnish M23 Luger set: Album by willyp. Photos by willyp. 1 - 25 of 25 Total. 14543 Visits

Our vast online range of militaria includes medals, badges, ribbons, helmets and headgear, uniforms, deactivated firearms and bladed weapons from the Napoleonic Wars to current international conflicts. We also have a large online selection of British and German WW2 militaria for sale, such as Third Reich items and Weapons that cannot be listed. A soldier from the 6th SS Mountain Division 'Nord' shakes the hand of a wounded Finnish soldier in September-October 1942. The United States employed a 'Special Weapons Unit' during WW2 that was entirely made up of foreign weapons Buy Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 with B Barrel Finland 7.62x54R: GunBroker is the largest seller of WW1 & WW2 Collectibles Collectibles & Militaria All: 89956583 Gun Parts Replica And Air Weapons (16) Rifles (29) De-activated Firearms (0) One Off Weapons (0) Shotguns (8) Grenades And Ordnance. Mines Bombs Projectiles And Shells (59) Replica Grenades (59) Grenades And Ordnance Accessories (2) Ammunition. Ammo, Bullets, Belts And Magazines (69) Holsters. Holsters, Bags, Slings & Covers (13) Military Flags. Worldwide 30,000 people a day had died for 6 years..I had to understand what had happened. So, hundreds of books, countless DVDs, museums, monuments and battlefields later my obsession with WW2 turned to collecting. With each item my interest and knowledge of WW2 grew. Now I want to share my passion and collection with you! These items are.

These helmet badges were used on German WWII photo albums.These are in used condition but are 100% o.. $50.00. Add to Cart. M1919/22 model Finnish NCO knife. Made by WKC. Up for sale is a M1919/22 model Finnish NCO knife.Rare and original item.It was issued instead. $600.00. Add to Cart Collection of antique weapons, swords and firearms. I found there to be little information on Norwegian military arms on the Internet and decided to publish some information on the arms from the small country whose armed forces most probably had the worlds most advanced small-arms in the second half of the 1800's

Posters Artwork Documents - polish infantryWW2 and Korean War Veteran's Reunion, September 5th, 2010German Forces - German mortar crew

The Ultimate WW2 German Weapons Artillery ARTILLERY COMMUNICATIONS Long Tom 155mm Cannon- M1 & M2 Dora, the world's largest railway gun German WWII Weapons Panzerfaust - Anti-tank weapon 88 mm gun History & Origins of the German 88mm Gun US intelligence on the 88mm gun . Setup procedure for German WW2 8.8cm fla WW2 Anti-Tank rifles. One some of the above rifles of the 1939 - 1945 era can be collected by the UK Firearms license holder (Section 1), in that they are all manually operated bolt action or manually operated sliding breech block rifles. These were all produced in some numbers, i.e. they were not just prototypes Menu. MENU MENU. SHOP BY CATEGORIES. AMERICAN. PRE-CIVIL WAR. Edged Weapons Finnish Vehicles of WW2! - posted in Off-Topic: Worland, on Sep 02 2016 - 21:57, said: They were a new, cash strapped country. They used a lot of captured Russian weapons, adopted them, then bartered what odds and ends they had (like Japanese rifles) for more. Made sense, as Russia was their foe. Easy source of resupply. True, and due to this they did rather well against the larger Russian force The main heavy machine gun was the old M1910 Maxim, with the modern Goryunov coming late in the war. The Soviets used three types of mortar, company (50mm), battalion (82mm) and regimental (107mm & 120mm). Soviet infantry suffered from a lack of light anti-tank weapons, and still issued the PTRD and PTRS as their standard infantry AT weapons Finnish WW2 Pukko Military Knife. An original and scarce dated 1942 Finnish military Pukko knife and scabbard. The knife is dated to 1942 on the scabbard. With lightwood grip and brass pommel disc. Blade of typical Pukko profile. The scabbard is named to Finland in deep tooling with reindeer motif below

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